The wood

The available Transylvanian larch beams and planks, 240 m3 in all, are 110 years old. Their relative humidity is between 2 and 3% and they are free from insect and fungal damage.


The roof structure of the building obtained its current from in 1910, after the fire of 1909. The larch structures were transported from Transylvania. The length marks engraved in the woodcut indicate careful preparation. The symbols painted in the template refer to the sides and the numbered main positions by the initials of the streets cocnerned. This is how we know that a major part of the current roof structure was made after the total reconstruction of 1909. Before 1925, Paulay Ede Street had been called Serecseny Street, and the boards are marked with the initials of the latter.

A decorative protective wall was constructed on the external sides of the blocks, with so-called coronation ledges.

The wood joints are made in the traditional way. With dowels, blades and standard birdsmouth fixing. Tongue-and-groove joints are typically fixed with wooden nails. In the main duct positions, the tongue pairs are fixed by threaded shank. The threaded shanks are made on site.

In 1910, the tar paper insulation served as an underlay on board the larch. In addition, it protected the floorings and carpentry structures from humidity. In the more sensitive roof joints, only the shark anchors are aging. On a significant part of the roof, the entire wooden structure has remained intact. Due to the high resin content of larch, there is no insect or fungal damage.

Use quality larch for construction. Quality starts with larch. Larch was used to make the foundation of the Parliament building in Budapest. Venice was also built on juxtaposed larch pieces, and this quality wood was used even for the construction of St Petersburg. Here are some of the diverse activity areas of our partners using larch: interior decorator, terrace decking, furniture manufacturer, interior cladding specialist, shipbuilder, yacht manufacturer.

Areas of use

  • Manufacture of wall and floor cladding materials (panelling, strip floor)
  • Manufacture of carpentry products (window, door)
  • Roof structure construction
  • Water construction, civil engineering

Benefits of larch

  • Aesthetic, decorative, gives its surroundings a pleasant atmosphere
  • Natural basic material, environmentally friendly use
  • Hard, but easy to machine process
  • Can be used in places exposed to water
  • Has outstanding mechanical and physical properties